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Dynamic Updates to Test Cases possible?


I create a single test case.
I copy that test cases to several other suites.
I now have 6 copies of the original test case in other suites.
I make a change to the first (or any) of them.

Is there any way that my changes to one can automatically update to change all of the copies? Or do I actually have to go in and manually change every single copy, one by one?

Thanks for the help!


Hi Topya,

Thanks for your post! When test cases are copied, these are treated as separate test cases, so updating one of them wouldn’t update all of the test cases across other suites. There isn’t a centralized test case repository that can be shared between multiple projects/suites that would allow for global updates of a copied/linked test case. That said, we’re happy to look into this for a future update.



If the cases are truly the same and in the same project - create a suite for these tests and then reference them anywhere in a test case by using the [CXXXXX] naming. Replace the Xs with the case id and when saved a link to the case will be displayed.

Then if changes are needed - change the base case.


Hi BGanger,
Will the change in base case will change other test cases as well dynamically? Can you also explain the steps on how to use [CXXXX] number and where?


The reference is back to a case so…

Say we have Case A and Case B. You can reference Case A in Case B (anywhere in the test Case B) by typing [Case A] where you need it in Case B.

I use it for things like logging into environments and instead of typing it out everywhere I created a Shared Steps suite within a project. In the shared steps I create the basics needed then reference each ‘test’ where needed.

Clicking the Link created by using the [Case B] takes you directly to the Case B steps. Since it is a reference directly to the other case - any change in Case B will change it for any reference.

This is what the link would look like:

This references Case 372 and clicking on the link takes you to case 372.

The link will not work if case 372 is deleted of course.