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Dynamic reports - real time data


Enhancement request:
Currently reports will either save their data (static) or run on a schedule where the most frequent is daily.

Once a report is configured it should be possible to see real time data with a single click.

This should be able to be set in the Access & Scheduling section (e.g. “Real-time data”), or at worst be available as an option to Refresh the data while viewing the report near the Print and Download buttons.


Hi Dave!

Thanks for your posting. We found that our combination of the live reports in the UI and the point in time reports from the Reports tab (that do not change over time) as well as their scheduling/run-now features already provide a good mix of live data/reports and archiving features. You can also use the Rerun/Create Similar button to re-generate a report anytime with live data and this would only take two clicks (Create Similar button and then Add Reports).

I hope this helps!



I would agree if I could add more live report-like data to the overview page, which may be another enhancement request.

Currently to get an updated view of a project’s status I would need to:

  1. Use the Rerun/Create Similar button to re-generate
  2. Rename the report so I can differentiate it from the report run previously that day
  3. Wait for the new report to generate
  4. Click to view the report
  5. Sometime after step 2 remember to delete the old report

Consider someone managing multiple concurrent projects and those additional steps to get an as-now view of the world you’re trying to manage and the overhead and potential for lack of clarity with identically named reports becomes frustrating quickly when the pressure is on.

Enhancement request:
Allow reports to be added to the Overview tab as live data.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the additional details. You can simply use the scheduling features of the reports and TestRail would automatically create the reports for you. For example, generating a project “health” report every morning would be a typical use case and you can fully automate this. You can also configure multiple scheduled reports per day if you like (e.g. to generate every few hours). You also don’t need to delete old reports as TestRail will only display a few reports at once (and paginate the others).



Thanks Tobias,

I think maybe I’m not explaining the “I need this info now and will never need to see it again”-ness of you request, but I’ll leave it alone. We can always build a reporting tool off the database, it would just be nice not to have to do that in order to get live data without needing to clean up afterwards.


Thanks, Dave!

Reporting is one of the most important features in TestRail and an ongoing topic and we are happy to look into this for a future version (maybe a faster way to rerun a report would already be a big help). Due to the possible complexity of the reports, it’s difficult to provide the reports from the Reports tab as live reports but they would usually only take a few seconds to generate in the background and would then be available immediately.



Cool. As i mentioned, a button next to the edit and delete for each report for “Display with latest data” as opposed to the snap-shot data in the saved report would be fine. A single click and a few seconds wait is a better alternative than recreating reports over and over.

Dave F


We will make sure to look into this, thanks again for your feedback!



Here’s the obligatory “another vote with for a button to update” vote.

I understand real-time is probably not a good idea as you could overwhelm the server; but it would be nice to be able to rerun a report w/o re-creating a new one, ie: one-button copy existing/remove existing/run existing…


Hi Jim,

Happy to add another vote! You don’t necessarily need to delete old reports and they will automatically disappear from the overview page eventually due to pagination. So, creating a new report would be just two clicks (Create Similar + Add Report).



Hi guys, another vote for this improvement from my side.


Happy to add another vote, thanks Vladimir.



Another vote to simply click “refresh” (hey- how about using F5?) a report to get the latest results.