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Dynamic Reporting in TestRail

Team GURock,

Can you please update if dynamic reports are available in TestRail now?

We have recently started working in it (with around 100 users), and although most of the features of TestRail are really helpful, one thing we really need is the dynamic reports. So that once a report is created, Manager or Team Lead will be able to see all the dynamic/newly created test cases if that report is opened afterwards as well i.e. after the creation of new cases etc.

Please updated if this is available now, or is there any workaround to get dynamic reports.

Thanks in anticipation.

Umair Siddiqui

Hi Umair,

The generated reports in TestRail are static, and do not change over time to reflect new data. In order to update reports, you can use the “Create Similar” button to generate a new report with the same options selected, or to update a report to include new runs or tests. There aren’t any dynamic reporting options available directly currently, as it is possible to see most information directly in the system. That being said, we are exploring options to update the views in different system dashboard to provide additional information.

Thanks for the reply Jacob.

Please add my vote for the dynamic report feature (a mere F5 or Refresh button will also works for me) in future.


I agree with @uhsiddiqui. We have a lot of reports that we schedule to stakeholders. Sometimes, the report highlights an issue, we make changes and then want to re-run the report to make sure we’ve addressed it.

We’ve had the situation where a test analyst has used the “create similar” to re-run a shared report and set-up a duplicate scheduled report because they didn’t turn off the schedule previously set. They go on holiday and no-one else can remove it, not even an administrator but they can turn off the schedule settings.

When you combine that with the fact that with the cloud version, we cannot change the format of existing reports or add new ones tailored exactly to our stakeholder requirements, we’re now looking at our own reporting options via the API.

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I submitted a feature request for something similar last year.