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Dynamic Filtering

We Have added a custom field called Fix Version to our Test Case Template.

Is there a way to Dynamically Filter on this field so that the cases are added to the Test Run based on that Custom field being populated wit

I tested to make sure that custom fields in a template will be shown on the filter page when setting up a run (it was), so based on the text for the dynamic filter:


It should update the test run for any case that meets the filter criteria.

Agreed but we noticed if you have a customized field … you can not filter on that field or the criteria within it

I added a custom field to a template (in my companies test environment) and it did show up in the Filter on the run creation and using the Dynamic filter. It may take a bit of time for the field to be added.

Further verified that I added data to the field in a couple test cases and I could get the correct results in the filter for the test run.

Excellent … thanks for the tip. We havent created Templates as of yet. I will try this method

If I add a custom field in test case template to be used with the dynamic filtering, is it added to the existing test cases too?

The field will become aviable for those cases, which use the template you have customized the field for.