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Dynamic filter feature in 6.2: amount tested shows all cases

When I use the dynamic filter option in a testplan, it shows me the results compared to all cases. I would expect to see the results only relative to the cases within my dynamic filter:

My filter currently only holds one case (which failed) but I see that 9/10 is untested

Hi @nrikze - we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. Can you send some more information please - specifically, what were the filter settings?

I made a testplan and then added a suite with configurations

Then clicked dynamic filters and chose a milestone to filter on.
It selected 1 testcase for me based on the milestone.
What is strange is that on top it says 21 cases are included which is not correct. Only one case is included, the one that has the right milestone

Hi @nrikze - we still can’t reproduce the issue I’m afraid. Is this reproducible for you?

There’s probably some vital piece of information that we’re missing… :thinking: If this continues to be an issue for you, please can you raise a ticket with our support team so we can have them troubleshoot in a more systematic fashion?

Ok, I’ll raise a ticket

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