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Duplicate sections when importing CSV


When importing test cases via CSV and the CSV contains sections/sub sections that already exist in the test suite, the sections are duplicated. So rather than importing directly to the sections that already exist a new set are created and I am forced to move the test cases manually after import.

This is rather frustrating as I often find it much quicker to create test cases in excel, exporting to CSV, and then importing in bulk.

Is this a bug? if not can an option be added to match the sections up with already existing ones.

CSV import with subsections: duplicated sections

Yes, this is the expected behavior as TestRail wouldn’t just be able to identify sections based on a name, as you can have multiple sections with the same name (and this is quite common). You can easily drag&drop test cases to sections if needed, but we would usually recommend creating new cases directly in TestRail as this is usually the easiest/fastest way.