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Duplicate (copy) Milestones from one project to another



As a new user from testrail, I am trying to set things up for a program. We have chosen to have a separate project for every single team (currently 5, but this will probably increase).

Milestones are the same for every team and I would like to duplicate/copy from one project to another in an easy way. As far as I can see, this is not possible on the fly or am I overlooking something?

Please advise.
Tks in advance


Hi Alec,

Thanks for your post! Currently, you wouldn’t be able to copy milestones in TestRail. That said, it’s just a few clicks to create each milestone so this shouldn’t be too much overhead usually. If this is something you would need to do often, you can always look into scripting this via TestRail’s API as you would be able to retrieve milestone details and create them as well:

We’re also happy to review adding a copy feature for this as well. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,

I need to create about 20 milestones for 5 Projects…Creating one milestone is not an issue indeed, but 100 is another thing :slight_smile:. In principle, it would be a one shot for the year, so not something that often re-occurs hopefully (except if milestones change of course :frowning:)…