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Drag and Drop for Test Plan Ordering?


Right now, I believe ordering of the various test suites contained within a Test Plan can only be via the green arrows on each suite. This is really painful to have to move a suite to the top or bottom of that list when you have even 5 or more suites, since it requires 5 clicks plus potentially scrolling.

Our use case is that as we do bug fixes, feature development throughout our sprints, I’m adding our test results to individualized suite within our Functional Test Plan. The test case will reside in an existing suite, but I pull in a copy of that suite into the Plan containing only the bug fix that is relevant for that sprint. Hopefully that make sense.

Am I correct that is the only current way to order a Test Plan? If so, I’d like request a feature to implement Drag and Drop on that screen. It would speed things up incredibly.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, that definitely makes sense and thanks for your feedback. The up/down arrows are currently the only way to reorder runs in test plans. We also currently experimenting with adding an additional entity to manage sprints and iterations (sub-milestones) as an additional lightweight alternative to full milestones (which are meant for larger versions or releases) so this may also be an alternative to test plans.