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Don't suppose we could get a column in the TestRun page that can list all defects?


During a TestRun review (for automation) we have a number of failures, a number of them which will be known and will have an assigned Defect against them in a previous testrun.

We can see these previous defects by clicking on the testcase result, and then clicking on the Defects tab at the bottom (it shows all the defects ever logged).

It would be really nice if we could have a column on the main page that would show any defects ever associated to that testcase; rather than having to click on the tab.

i’m guessing that this would be a massive load on the DB (search query); so if it could even just search back a few runs of the testcase. or if it was an option (warning: page will be slow).

in anycase, the use case here is that as testcases fail from build to build; it would be really nice to be able to see at a glance if there was a previous defect filed without having to go through the extra clicking to see previous defects. Or even if there was a way to move that defect information to the top or have that tab automatically selected (yup, more scripts to potentially write!).



Hi Jim,

Thanks for your posting. Defects of previous test runs are currently only shown on the context tabs per test but you can find a current list of defects on the Defects tab (or you can add a column with the current defects to the tables). The Defects tab is also supported for all higher-level entities such as test plans and milestones and this might already help as well.



Not to dredge up an old post, but I have another related question as I can’t find a good solution to my original question (which requires lots of clicks).

Is it possible to have a field that mimics the “References” field for testcases? Basically what I could do is create a field in the Testcase (say; “Known Defects”) which we could populate with an open defects that is causing this testcase to fail. Then when looking at the results we could expose that field in the columns and we would have an easier time correlating the two.

I don’t want to use the actual References field, because that usually relates to stories or information when the testcase was created (which could be due to a bug, but also could be due to feature additions or whatnot). Adding in defect data here isn’t ideal.

Currently, I’ve created a simple checkbox that when checked indicates there is a known open issue with this testcase which works for at-a-glance data; but is not very useful to seeing more details. But this isn’t ideal. If I had a field that would link to the Jira database much like the References and Defects fields that I could use as a display column, that would solve my issue. I don’t know if there is some cool script-foo that would do this as well.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your posting! Previous or related defects are automatically tracked by TestRail and the list of current/previous defects is provided on the Defects tab per case/test. This is also available for runs/plans & milestones:

Together with the context tab when viewing a test, you can quickly find previous results & defects for the same case when going through your tests in a run:



Thanks for the reply, these two things you mentioned are really cool and make the task a bit easier. But they don’t really solve the initial issue which is when looking at a testrun I can’t easily determine if a defect has been filed against that testcase without having to do the following;

  • Scroll Down to the bottom of the testcase (where the context-tabs are)
  • Click on the Defect Tab

Which probably seems really petty I guess; but if you are looking at 50-60 failures it can be time consuming. If there was a way to indicate a defect has been filed in the past (and even if that issue is still open) in the initial table display, then neither of those actions would be necessary.

of course, our process is probably a bit lame as well – technically we should look at every failure regardless if there is an open ticket against it. but lets ignore that for now :slight_smile:


oh wanted to mention while that first screenshot you posted is really nice and convenient, it would be even better if we could add in some context to those lines – right now it only shows the testcase-run id and then the bug information. if i could show the testcase information (like, the title, or maybe even a custom column) than i could easily correlate that defect to a testcase. right now, i need to click on the testcase-run id to get information on what actual testcase it is; which again is more click throughs (which, not to mention, also means more hits on the server since it has to query again – and we’re using cloud so that’s against your hardware :slight_smile: )


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: Some of your points are already on our wish list and we are happy to add an additional vote. Especially an overview/column of past defects on the run page should be helpful and we will think about ways to make this easier with a future version (this has come up before).