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Don't remember-me by default



So this seems like a really dumb question to me, my apologies in advance; is there any way that on the login screen the remember-me option could not be selected by default?

Every time I revisit the page, i.e. straight from logging out, or closing & reopening browser, it is selected again.



Hello Paul,

Thanks for your posting! There are no dumb questions :smile: The remember-me option is currently always checked by default and this default behavior is currently not configurable. If you log out explicitly via the Logout, you can also leave the remember-me option checked because Logout would also clear the remember-me token. It only applies to the closing & reopening browser case.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your reply, & confirmation of the functionality.

I don’t suppose there are any plans to have the system remember the selected ‘remember-me’ value?

I know it’s a small thing, especially as currently sessions don’t expire until the browser’s closed but it’s an annoyance to have to deselect it any time I log in (I don’t like browsers/systems remembering credentials, & happily prefer the necessity to log into a system first… I also realise I’m probably become the minority in this aspect.).



Thanks for the suggestion, Paul! There are no specific plans so far, but we will make sure to look into this for one of the next versions. I agree that this makes sense from a usability standpoint and deselecting this every time is certainly not ideal.

Thanks again,


Thanks Tobias,