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Does 'updated_after' in the api include creation?



i was wondering whether the updated_after filter in the api also includes newly created test cases ?

I like to receive all test cases that were created/update after a given time, can this be done in a single call by using updated_after or must it be two separate calls ?

Cannot try this currently, so therefore the question :wink:


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, the updated_on attribute (which the filter is based on) is also set when adding the case initially (to the creation date). So, the updated_after filter would do what you are looking for.



Thanks Tobias, this sounds good.

But I guess, there is no chance to get the actual diff, right ? The only call I can do is “get cases, that have been updated since xxx”, so I get the complete information of the case, not what actually has changed ?


Yes, that’s correct. Diffs are currently not available via the API but can be found on the History tab per case. You can alternatively also use the Cases > Activity Summary report to generate a report with changed cases.



i would require it via the api, but thanks for the answer :slight_smile:


That’s currently not available but already on our list, thanks again for your feedback :slight_smile: