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Does Testrail support multiple defect plugins under one licence


Hi Guys,

Our Testrail account is currently configured to use the Jira plugin for our defect management as per Client A’s requirements.

We have a new project for a new client (Client B) that requires that we use YouTrack as our defect management tool. Is it possible to configure the defect plugin tool to be independent for each project?

Or are we stuck to using only one?




Hi Leonel,

Thank you for the post. You can in fact configure each project independent of each other to use different defect trackers. Each project includes its own defect plugin that can be configured. You would go to Administration > Projects > (select the project you want to edit) > Configure the Defect plugin settings like you would for the global integration.

TestRail will also let you know if you have projects that have been configured on their own when you go to Administration > Integrations.

Does this help?


Hi Marty,

Thanks for the help!

I am now experiencing a port time out issue.

I will check to see if a relevant thread exists or I will create a new one.




Hey Leonel,

Thank you for the update. Please do not hesitate to reach back out to us. If you need to you can also open a support request.