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Does TestRail have support for strong passwords?


Is there an option to control the password strength used by TestRail? We see that the minimum length is 5 characters, but is there a way to specify how strong the password must be?
We need to be able to specify the length (minimum of 8 characters) and additionally we may need to enforce other requirements (ex: must use combination of letters and numbers, etc etc).



Thanks for your posting. TestRail doesn’t currently have an option to enforce stronger passwords than the minimum 5 character rule, but I agree that it could make sense to add this as an option in the future. That said, you could simply use our authentication integration to integrate TestRail with e.g. Active Directory to enforce your password policy this way:

We have ready to use scripts for Active Directory and LDAP, and it’s also possible to write custom integrations.

Would this work for you?



Thanks for the response. We will look at integrating with Active Directory.


Sure, sounds good. Please note that it’s also possible to customize the Active Directory integration in case this is needed.