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Does TestRail have automatic backup of Test Cases?


Hi, I would like to know if TestRail has automated backup of Test Cases repository.

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For anything they host, the entire db is backed-up nightly.


Thank you BGanger for your quick response! Do you know what the process is for retrieving data? For example, if someone deleted accidentally test cases, to retrieve back yesterday’s data.

Thank you.


The only good way to do it without reloading the entire db (and losing any other changes after the deletion) is to have them stand up an instance with the back-up and then you can export the needed cases to csv or XML and import them into the current (live) instance. Case #s will change for the imported cases.

The above is based on other threads - I do not believe there has been any changes to the process however.


Hi Victoria,

Thanks for your post and apologies for the delayed response! We regularly backup all systems and TestRail accounts, currently usually around once per day per account. You can also download additional backups from your account under Administration > Subscription and we recommend doing this from time to time. Backups can be restored in case a user deletes a lot of data by mistake, but this should be the exception of course and restoring a backup would always restore all projects. It’s usually also a good idea to use user roles and permissions to restrict and limit access to important delete functions in TestRail to a small number of users to prevent mistakes. If you need us to help with a restore, please email us directly at and we’re happy to explain your options then.