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Does Gurock have any kind of outages notification page?

We just had a short outage of our TR cloud instance, and it would be great to have a notification page for this kind of thing that we could visit to learn if Gurock is aware of a problem and working on a solution.

Does such a page exist on your website?

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the post! Currently, there is not a maintenance/status page for our TestRail servers. However, we have plans to review and implement this in the future and I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally.

Thanks for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience caused by today’s brief service outage.


Ditto for me - even more important than the any other feature I’m desiring.
Would save a ton of concern/anxiety and perhaps expended labor, for would help immensely in dealing with the following questions that popped into my head: is there something wrong with my company’s infrastructure, the vendor’s network, the internet between “here” and “there”, etc?

Hi Dan,

Your vote has been added as well.


Please also add my vote to this. Thanks!

+1 for Fran, thanks for the feedback and we agree this would be nice to have.

Please add my vote for this. Not having this would cause us great concern should we experience this during a formal testing cycle.

When we did have this before Christmas we had no way of knowing if/when it would come back. When it did come back there was no fanfare to it either, it just started working again.

Hey @aperez,

I’ve added your vote to the internal request. this is definitely something we’re looking into.

Please add a vote for us as well, numerous outages have impacted our team and response for issue is not immediate, and there was no notification of scheduled maintenance.

I’d like to be added to this list as well.

Hi @qamgr, @jseabourn,

I have added your feedback and votes to this.


We would like to see a status page as well, or, even a twitter notice to follow?