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Does deleting a milestone delete the testrun?


We recently deleted some duplicate milestones and found that the test run we wanted to keep was also deleted.
Is there a way to close/delete a milestone and save the TestRun to link it to a different milestone?

Hi @rosej,

This is contradicting behavior of how Milestone deletion is suppose to work. I’ve just tested this to make sure there isn’t a bug and the most current version is behaving as expected. When you delete a milestone any linked test runs/plans are not removed, instead they are just unlinked and belong to no milestone.

As stated by the prompt when you delete a milestone. this procedure " unlinks this milestone from all test runs & plans and cannot be undone (no test runs & plans are deleted) ."

The only explanation is that the test run/plan was deleted directly, accidentally.

Please test or let us know via with exact replication steps/screenshots to so we can take a deeper dive into this.