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Does delete test runs help to improve the performance?

Currently it is extremely slow when creating or modifying a new test cases, which usually takes more than 10 mins.

Given that I can hardly change memory size of the disc, so I am thinking is there any alternative to mitigate the performance issue?

There are 400+ active test runs and I am trying to close them (which takes about 15 mins to close 1 test run). Is this helpful? Or do I also need to delete them as well?

Hi @quenna,

Thanks for the post! Closing open test runs helps TestRail by reducing the amount of data which is loaded in ToDo pages and other areas of TestRail.

Additionally, deleting old, unneeded data from TestRail should also help with performance, as this would help reduce the size of TestRail’s database. You can also implement this as part of your automated runs and you can look into purging test runs that are older than a certain threshold (e.g. 2-4 weeks) and closed, for example. The idea for this is to use the get_runs API method with a created_before filter and then delete old runs with delete_run . If you use plans instead, the equivalent would be get_plans and delete_plan .

I can also recommend reviewing your I/O and database configuration and we do have a general performance optimization guide on our website here:

Please let me know in case you have any further questions, happy to help,

Thanks for the reply. It helps a lot!
And I will try my best to look into our I/O and database configuration though, cos no one know who is in-charge of this:rofl:

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Another question @jon.reynolds
currently it spends about 15 minutes to close one test run, is it a more I/O issue or too many old test runs issue?

Hi Quenna,

Thanks for the reply! Typically slowness is due to system performance and disk I/O is usually the biggest bottleneck affecting performance. Maintaining your database size and optimizing performance should help with these issues.

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