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Documentation - Test Case Fields


Where would I find documentation for how to use the default fields in TestRail? I’ve been using it for a while but just recently I wanted to start using the “estimate” field for test durations… but I couldn’t find anything about how to use it (input format).

In the end, all I found was a related forum post Test Case Estimate field suggestions which provided the information I was looking for.

Where should I have looked for this information on the input format for this field?


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your posting! We recommend two things to get familiar with TestRail in general and the default fields.

  • The user guide serves as a general introduction and includes a getting starting guide to get familiar with TestRail basic concepts and entities. It also contains more advanced topics for power users such as the editor formatting references, tips & tricks or keyboard shortcuts.

The documentation for the scheduling & forecast feature including elapsed/estimate format can be found here, for example:

  • Our 1-hour training video course includes a very detailed walk-through and covers TestRail’s major features, workflow and customization options as well as integration capabilities with issue trackers and test automation tools. You can find and watch the training course here:

We’ve also specifically designed the training videos to answer many of the questions we regularly receive from customers and they cover a lot of details in a short amount of time.

I hope this helps!