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Documentation on OOB Protocols and options


I can not seem to find a single location in the documentation where all the Out-Of-Box protocols (File, Memory, Tcp, and Text) are described in any detail along with what options are available for each the meaning of each option value. I see examples here and there but nothing comprehensive. I am I missing something? If not could this be added as a post/white paper/etc.?


Hello Greg,

A comprehensive overview and explanation can be found in the SmartInspect Online Help (press F1 in the Console) under “Working with SmartInspect | Connections and Protocols”.


Thanks. Some how I deleted or moved the SmartInspect.chm file out of the SI directory. :oops: I’ve restored it. I also found most of it in the documentation for the various isValidOption methods for the protocol classes, but the discussion in the main help file is what I was looking for.


Thanks for the follow-up, Greg. If you accidentally delete/move a file from the SmartInspect directory, you can simply install SmartInspect over your existing installation (similar to an update). Missing files will then be restored.