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Do you need delete rights in order to move test cases across suites/projects?

As a precaution I’ve disabled delete rights for Cases & Section for certain roles. Now one of my colleagues is unable to move cases as the button to move is not there. They can copy the case from one suite to the other but not move them. Is this caused by the delete rights missing for them?
Is the move action more like a copy from one place to the other and then deleting the ‘old’ version?

Yes it is.

Check this post - but go to the end. :wink:



Hey Hugo,

We do need delete access to move the test cases across suites.

When you Move test cases in TestRail from one suite or project to another, it technically deletes the test cases from the original suite and then creates new cases in the other.
And the action cannot be directly undone.

Let me know in case of any additional questions.


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