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Do not upgrade to the PHP 7.0.x version of TestRail


Just in case anyone is planning on upgrading to the version of TestRail which supports PHP 7.0.x ( - we are facing an issue whereby our reports are no longer working due to an incompatibility between the email library used by TestRail and PHP 7.

If you are using Reports and they are being emailed, it is likely you will face the same problems if you upgrade to this version.

If you are not using reports / are not emailing them, you should be OK to upgrade.


What are the details on what happens or your setup? We upgraded a while back and although we generally do not use the built in reports, I just tested it and it worked fine without install. We self host TR and do not do the cloud. Is there a a chance that the issue is with the hosted/cloud for some weird reason?


Hi all,

Thanks for your post! Yes, there is currently an incompatibility with the email library that TestRail uses and PHP 7, and this causes emails to fail (and therefore, reports that are also configured to send emails). You can still upgrade to TestRail 5.4 using PHP 5.x and this would work as normal, as the issue is just with the PHP 7 incompatibility. This doesn’t affect TestRail Cloud as we host/manage mail services with the Cloud edition. We have plans to include a fix in the next version, or potentially a hotfix for this as it just affects a vendor library. The best place to keep up to date is on our blog, as we’ll provide an update when the fix is released:

Hope this helps, and apologies for the inconvenience!



I am preparing to upgrade to TestRail
Has there been a resolution to the “Reports” email library incompatibility with php7.x?


Hi John - the email compatibility issue was fixed in TestRail 5.4.1.



After upgrading to and php7.2, I see php7.2 is not supported.
I downgraded to php7.0, and Report emails are being sent.


@genx Thanks for the update and glad to hear it’s working! We’re also currently reviewing support for PHP 7.2 for a future update to TestRail.