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DLL requiring BPL concerns



I am looking at implementing smartInspect across Delphi DLL boundaries, which requires “SmartInspectDXE.bpl” as shown here. However, I am getting some unexpected feedback from testers and clients concerned about the new file with the word “inspect” in it. To alleviate users concerns about privacy is there a way to:

  1. Compile BPLs into the application
  2. Rename “SmartInspectDXE.bpl” to “SI_DXE.bpl” (or similar)
  3. To dynamically load bpl when it is there, otherwise run normally without logging active
  4. Something else

The documentation suggests it is possible to have a DLL do logging without the BPLs. However, this would create a separate logging file for the DLL. While this might be the route I need to go, I would much prefer a single log.