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Dividing tests across configurations


Is there a way to divide test cases across configurations?

For instance, let’s say that I have 100 test cases to test my product. I want to test using a phone, a tablet, desktop Chrome, and desktop Safari.

The usual TestRail way would be to set up four configurations, and use them to multiply the whole set of cases into 400 (4 configs * 100 test cases).

Let’s say you want to get partial coverage, but across all four configurations. One option would be to set up four test runs as part of a plan, then add 25 test cases to each. Job done.

Then someone says “why don’t you test IE”? Now you have to go back and split all 100 again into 5 runs of 20 cases each. This gets tiresome by the third time.

Is there a way to do this better?


Ideally, there would be a Test Rail function for this. For example, given 45 test cases, and a request to split it up 5 ways, you’d get 4 sets of 10 and 1 set of 5 cases.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no built-in feature for this and from our experience you would usually test all (important) tests on all configurations/browsers. But I see what you are looking for and this certainly makes sense as well. You would currently need to configure this manually, or use a custom field on the case level for this and can then use the filter on the Select Cases dialog. You would need to set the mapping upfront on the case level and change this when you add a browser but this might still be preferred over manually selecting the cases.

I hope this helps!