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Divide Test-Plan by features


Hi all.
Can you advice me with following situation:
We have a project with some SW versions as milestones.

Version 1
–Feature 1
–Feature 2
Version 2
–Feature 3
–Feature 4
–Feature 5
Version 3
–Feature 6
–Feature 7
–Feature 8

Each SW version should be test on different browsers, OSs, and target devices. So I have chose for project mode - Use multiple test suites to manage cases.
I have done matrix:
OS 1, browser 1, device 1
OS 2, browser 2, device 2
OS 3, browser 3, device 3

And match such matrix with full features testplan.
Currently I need creating Test-run for 1st milestone and it is obviously that I don’t need all features in this run, because they are not developed yet.
Is there any quick option to create test-run for some part of existed Test-Plan but saving chosen matrix of OS/browser/device?
Currently I see only way to create new Test Suits manually and every milestone create new Runs with choosing necessary test-cases and OS/browser/device matrix. It takes too much actions. I guess it is should be some easier way to divide full test-plan to pieces and test that pieces in different milestones.


Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your posting. We recommend organizing the project/case repository structure independently of possible test configurations/targets and mange this on the test execution level instead. For example, if you want to test most cases against multiple platforms, it makes sense to create multiple runs but reuse the same cases and duplicating cases across suites/projects wouldn’t be recommended. TestRail has a dedicated feature for testing against multiple platform/environments with test plans and configurations:

I hope this helps!