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Display test results in percentage and plot graph



I’m trying to understand if there is a way to display results in percentage and plot graph from it.

For eg. I have three test cases and I wish to plot graph based on different runs:

Test Run -1

TC-1 - 90%
TC-2 - 80%
TC-3 - 50%

Test Run -2

TC-1 - 95%
TC-2 - 86%
TC-3 - 77%

Test Run -3

TC-1 - 66%
TC-2 - 75%
TC-3 - 65%

I would want to plot a graph and show success percentages for TC-1, TC-2 and TC-3 either separately or in one linear graph.

How can I accomplish that? Please let me know if there is an existing thread for this if this has been answered already before.

Essentially, I would want to enter Test Results in percentage and NOT as Passed or Failed.



Thank you for the post. TestRail does have several reports that display results based on a percentage as well as passed and failed. We would recommend going through the report in TestRail to see which one works the best for you. Outside of the reports TestRail offers, you can export test run data and run your own custom reports against that data easily. In fact we have a large number of customers that do this.


Thank you, martylavender!

But can I enter test cases results in percentage rather than entering as passed and failed?