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Display of the navigation bar


I make my first step on testrail.
So, I read the testrail tutorial on

I notice it missing the navigation bar in the bottom of my dashbord (and each page on testrail).
Look at pix for example

How can I do to display it please ?

Thank you

In the tutorial it looks like this :

I don’t think that the site is an official Test Rail resource and as such those short cuts don’t exist unless the toggle for them is very well hidden. No idea what version those screenshots are from but I have been using and maintaining my companies Test Rail install for 4 years and I have never seen anything like the screenshot.

I thank you

I thought that without the bar I could not use testrail properly

Your welcome,

As long as the Role you have assigned has the correct permissions - you will be able to use the system correctly. :slight_smile:

Hi @Cisoria,

Thanks for the post! As BGanger mentioned above, the tutorial site is not directly affiliated with TestRail, and may not have the most up-to-date information or screenshots, so bear that in mind.

That being said, in a brand new instance or trial of TestRail you’ll see the bar at the bottom as a sort of guide that will take you through setting up the basic entities to help a new user get started. Once all of those steps have been completed it can be dismissed, and will not appear again. The section above that displays the projects will display the large icon and project name for any currently active projects, but if a project is marked as completed you’ll see the small icons as in your view. It also appears the project names may have been removed, which would explain why you’re only seeing the small icon and project details.

I hope that clears things up!

@BGanger @jacob.scott
It’s OK for me :slight_smile:
I can make my first steps on testrail quitely