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Display group of users at TODO


Hello! I encountered such a problem: I added a group of users, but they do not display anywhere else except in the admin panel.
In order to be displayed list of groups in the sidebar, what i must to do?


Hi there!

User groups are currently only used to make it easier to assign project permissions to multiple users at once so you wouldn’t be able to assign specific tests to multiple users or groups. This would also not really be recommended as it’s difficult for users to understand who should be working on a test in this case. We are happy to review adding filtering options for groups to the Todo page though.



Hi, thanks for answer.

Does it mean that in future releases, you add this feature?



Thanks for your reply! We cannot promise this at this point but we can definitely see how this would be useful to have and we will make sure to look into this for a future version. Thanks again for the suggestion.



So the user guide is completely void of how to use groups.

For the first time the nature of our deployment was changing and I was thinking of adding groups and read the user guide on how they work. Nothing.

I had to go to the community forum to find your answer above.

Now I know groups are only useful for large deployments with many users. If small, like my 6 seat deployment, project access can be just as easy to control with just users.

I would suggest the user guide be updated with how groups are used and not just how to configure them.

For example add a line like “Groups are used to control access to projects. See Project Access below.”


Hello Paul,

Thanks for your feedback! A user group is really just a collection of users + a name for the group and they are only used for managing project permissions to make it easier to manage multiple users:

So, instead of configuring the project access on a per user level, you can also use groups and this makes it much easier for larger installations to manage the permissions and project access.

I hope this helps!