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Display "Description" in the Test Runs & Results


Apologies in advance if I’m missing the obvious but I’m new to TestRail and am trialing it for my company.

On the Test Runs & Results tab I have several entries with the same name as I have re-run my tests (anticpiating the real world example where the same Test Suite is run against successive builds or releases). The only problem is that the Description I specify when re-running a Test Run doesn’t appear so I have multiple Test Runs with the same name, but have to drill down into each to see the description. Is there an option to display this description at the top level please?

Many thanks in advance,



Hello Ian,

Thanks for your posting. Displaying the test run descriptions is not supported on the Test Runs & Results overview page (it is already planned to make this page more flexible, though). We recommend adding additional context details to the name of the test runs to distinguish test runs from each other. For example, you can add the build number, milestone or even assignee directly to the test run name.