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Display custom field on Test Runs view


Hi all,

I created a custom field for ‘Team’ which compliments the ‘Assigned To’ field in my reporting. I also wanted the users to be able to filter and sort using the ‘Team’ field.

Additionally, I also created another custom field for ‘Plan exec date’ to indicate the planned date for the user to run the test case.

I was able to display the ‘Plan exec date’ in the view but not the ‘Team’ field. Why is this happening? How can I add the ‘Team’ field in the Test Runs view?


If you remove the ‘Plan exec date’ will the Team field be available to use? If so - wonder if there is a column limit to the page.


Hi BGanger,

I thought about the limit on the number of columns in the view, but it isn’t the case. I tried to remove 2 columns, including the ‘Plan exec date’, but I still can’t see the other custom field from the dropdown list of columns to display. I also compared the two custom fields side by side, and they’re identical in term of settings/configurations – except the field type, one is date, the other is text.

Things that make you go, hmmmmm…


For the benefit of other users. I discovered the root cause of the custom field not able to display in the Test Runs view.

The field type must be ‘String’ – NOT ‘Text’. If you use ‘Text’ as field type, that carries an Option of formatting (e.g., markdown or plain text). For some reason the Test Runs view is not able to display such option.

I have now fixed this issue by:

  1. deleting the ‘Team’ custom field first – because you cannot edit the field type once saved.
  2. recreating the custom field ‘Team’
  3. selecting a field type of ‘String’
  4. saving the custom field.

I am now able to include the ‘Team’ field to display in the Test Runs view.