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Dismissing the GDPR dialog


I was met with the GDPR dialog for the first time logging in today. As our business and our customers are entirely based in Australia, I believe that we do not have to conform to the GDPR.

Can you please make it clearer if we have to accept and, if we don’t, how do we get rid of the dialog (I can cancel the dialog for that session but it reappears next session).



Hi Martin - our GDPR compliance commitment is here and the Data Protection Agreement (DPA) text be found here or by following the link from the GDPR dialog.

If you don’t think your organisation needs to agree to our DPA, please let us know via the form on the FAQ page, and we’ll deal accordingly.

I hope that helps!



Would I be correct in assuming that self-hosted TR customers will not get this? This is more an issue with the cloud TR - correct?


Yep - that’s correct.