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Direct link to test case results in dashboard view


Expected: Specific test case is displayed

Same issue on IE11.1066.14393.0 / Firefox 53.0.2 (32 bit) / Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)

Clicking the exact same link from Notepad++ behaves as ecpected.

Is there anything to configure in Excel (M$ Office 2016) to make this direct link work?


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for the post. This may be an situation where Microsoft products want to ensure there is a valid session when clicking a link. This may be a question best asked in a Microsoft Office forum. By all technical means, the link should simply open in your default browser and then display the given URL.


Hi Marty, I guess we are on the same page, just hoped you have a solution for this. Have a nice day!


Hi Marty,

my further investgation resulted in: it happens on links to testrail, but not on other parametrized url’s or a link to this forum discussion (Direct link to test case results in dashboard view).

Maybe you can try yourself to link from an Excel to one of your test cases?

Have a nice day


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for the follow up. I tested this using the URL format you mentioned and pointed to a single test case in my TestRail instance using Internet Explorer as well as Edge. Both resulted in my being logged into TestRail and seeing the test case.


Ok, works on your machine, but not on mine… let’s find the difference and narrow down, any idea?


Hi Marty… any news on this issue? Do you need some information to continue investigation?



Sorry for the length in response time. Are you using any specific browser extensions? Can you please go through this troubleshooting as well:

Also, it may be beneficial to send us a message regarding this to


Hi Marty
as described I open a link into TestRail from Ecxel.
Opening new tab (requested by Excel on default browser Chrome) with F12 works with by adding --auto-open-devtools-for-tabs on browser start.
I’ll send a msg 2 your contact email with details.
Have a nice day


This is excel “testing” the link prior to sending the url to the default browser to open.

There doesn’t appear to be a reasonable fix for this, but you may find it works if you make IE or Edge your default browser, and use that to connect to testrail.

More details here: