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Different test case prefix for different projects?

I use TestRail Cloud. Currently all test cases in all the projects start the same prefix - “C”. However, it is much more desirable to have different prefix for different projects (TestLink supports this feature). Is there a way to do it in TestRail?

Hi @Jiekang,

Thanks for the post! Entities in TestRail have a letter prefix by their IDs which is used in TestRail’s UI to identify the type of entity, such as ‘C’ for case, ‘R’ for run/plan, ‘T’ for test, etc.

These prefixes are only used in the UI itself for identification purposes, and are not stored in TestRail’s database, as only the numeric values are used in the database and with TestRail’s API.

While it wouldn’t be directly possible to customize these prefixes for API usage or inside TestRail’s database, you would likely be able to implement a UI script to change the ‘C’ (or any other letter) to a preferred prefix. You can review our documentation for this on our website here.

That said, we wouldn’t be able to directly troubleshoot or help customize this type of script. You may be able to find sample scripts which perform similar tasks elsewhere on our forums, though.

Hope this helps,