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Different kind of watch graph (suggestion)


In our server/client application I would like to log the response time from the server and all exceptions and show them in the graph. We found that there is a connection. The servers response time increase after an exception

For now I watch the response time with siMain.WatchDouble(‘PERF’, vTimeInSeconds);

But I think it would be visual better graph to have one vertical line for each value in this case. Now it connect the values horizontally that works fine in other cases.
The same for graph exceptions, one vertical line for each exception to see how they are related to the response times.

I could of course simulate this now with
siMain.WatchInteger(‘PERF’, 0);
siMain.WatchDouble(‘PERF’, vTimeInSeconds);
siMain.WatchInteger(‘PERF’, 0);

for each value. But this generate more values in the graph.


Hello Roland,

Nice idea, thanks, I added it to our feature request list.


One more thing about the watch graph. When click on a graph value it could scroll and mark the corresponding time (or closest time) in the main logview. This way it would be easy to view what happened before an exception for example in the graph.



Thanks for the suggestion, Roland. This feature is already on our list. I’m quite sure that we will add it in a future version.


It would also be nice to have an option “Fit in window” in the combobox for times in watch panel.


I can certainly see how this can be useful, although I think it is not that easy to implement. I will talk to Dennis about this feature and we will see what we can do. Thanks for the idea!