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Different Jira references for each Test Run?


Hi all, big fan of your work here!

We were evaluating TestRail for integration on our projects, and so far we are really happy with the result. Today we got part of our workflow changed a part that conflicts with the way that I’ve been handling defect reporting so far.

In short:

Is it possible to give a different “Defect view URL” and “Defect add URL” to test suites separately? Would it be possible to give different Jira integration values to each test suite?

In our project, we work on branches and we’re going to start classifying the bugs as “sub bugs” of a main Jira task, but the way we have TestRail configured right now, I can only set a single project-based URL to enter new defects, which catalog them all as main bugs.

Is there any possibility to change this, by any chance?



Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you enjoy working with TestRail! You cannot configure the defect integration on the test suite/run level unfortunately and TestRail “only” supports global and project-level settings for this. Do you want to link your TestRail test suites to different projects in JIRA? In this case, I would suggest looking into the defect plugins with the lookup & push functionality which also support multiple JIRA projects per TestRail project (you can choose the project on the Push dialog):

Please let me know in case you have any questions and I look forward to your reply.



@tgurock Hi Tobias, I have a couple of questions about the Jira integration please…
I am using the Jira integration and everything is working wonderfully - however, I am just not sure how I can link a TestRail project to a specific Jira project in order to utilise the coverage reports? Does it simply use the reference key?
How does TestRail know what Jira Project the references relate to?
Does TestRail have anyway of knowing what references are not covered in test cases?
Many thanks


Hi Claire,

Thanks for your posting. Test cases are linked to JIRA issues via the References field on the case level. The JIRA issue ID contain the project symbol so (e.g. TR-100), so JIRA knows which issues belong to which project. Regarding the coverage report: you can use the Cases > Coverage for References report in this case. To find out the references/JIRA issues without coverage, you can use the “The following references only” option and copy/paste the list of issue IDs to the text box (e.g by exporting a list of issues from JIRA).

I hope this helps!