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Different Expected results per Configurations



I want to understand if TestRail supports different Expected Results per Configurations I set.
For Example:
I have a configuration group named Roles and values like Admin, Operator, Viewer.
I want to execute same Test Plan with configuration group Roles where all 3 are marked.
The difference is an expected result per some actions:

  1. Admin have full access
  2. Operator have limited write access
  3. Viewer have no write access at all.
    So, when I execute test run with Admin and test add new user I should see different expected result per each configuration, Admin=succeed; Operator=FAIL; Viewer=FAIL.

I hope I was clear and you understand my question.
Thanks in advance,
Kiril L.


Any advise?
Still waiting for your answer.


If you want different expected results, why don’t you just create different cases?


Creating multiple tests is perhaps not the smartest way.
E.g. The test steps do no differ, but only the expected result changes based on the “role”
So, it is simply an overhead to document the same test-spec 3 times and only change the expected output. Maybe be okay to do so, if tests are maintained in an tabular format, but ideally a test management tool like TR should provide such features.
Isn’t it?


This would indeed be awesome. Creating multiple testcases with the same steps (but slightly different results based on the hardware you are testing it on) would mean that if we had to update said testcases steps, we wouldn’t need to do it in multiple places. Which would be nice.

You can refer to other testcases using the [C#] tag, so you could technically say “do all the steps in testcase [C#] and then use these expected results” as a workaround, but that’s slightly hinky.