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Difference between multiple test suites and baseline



I was wondering whether the only difference between having a project with multiple test suites and one with baseline is the functionality of creating a baseline suite ?

If so, one could mimik this functionality simple by creating a new test suite and copy all test cases, right ?

background is that we currently use the baseline repository, but like to include test cases that do not follow the baseline principle. Therefore the idea is to switch to multiple test suites and for the test cases that are following the baseline, we mimik the behaviour of test rail



Hi @bygones,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, baselines and regular suites are nearly the same, expect for the create baseline feature (which is effectively a suite copy) and support for closing a baseline (not available for regular suites). We would usually recommend using baselines if possible but using the traditional multi-suite mode and copying the suites manually is also an option of course.