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Difference between "Defects" and "Defects All" column in suite


…in the “testruns and results” overview tab ?



Thanks for your posting. There can be multiple test results per test in a test run, each with its own value for the Defects field. The Defects column simply shows the value of the Defects field for the latest test result and the Defects All column shows the values for all test results for a test. The same is true for the other fields on the Add Test Result dialog (e.g. Elapsed/Elapsed All, Version/Version All, etc.).



I see - THX



Is there an explanation for this different behavior?



Hello Andreas!

The “Defects All” column lists the defects for all test results in a test whereas the “Defects” column lists only the defects of the latest test result.



I have the same problem. For example. I have a test case, which in the previous release failed, we added a defect number to it.
Now I run the regression test again and I’d like to see this defect number at this run. Isn’t that field (Defects All) for that?