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DevOPS Plugin push error 401

Hello there - glad to see there finally is a DevOPS plugin!

We’re encountering an issue 'though - the plugin works flawlessly when reading from DevOPS (cloud version) information about a bug/workitem ID that has been added manually, but comes up with an “Error 401” as soon as we click the “push defect” button.

We’re using a PAT access, which has complete read&write permissions (and works from other applications). Is there something we’re missing here?

Hi @Apacileo_Asavie,

Thanks for the post. The cause of a 401 or 302 error when using the Push Dialog may be tied to the URL used in the Defect Plugin settings. When configuring the Defect Plugin, the address field should be:


The plugin’s default settings specify address=https://<account> , but this is incorrect.

Please let me know if changing the URL solves the issue for you. If this does not resolve the issue, please send additional information regarding your configuration to so we can troubleshoot this further with you.

Thank you,

mmm I’m afraid I had no success with that either - thanks for the pointer 'though, the guide is indeed wrong on that. I’ll contact the email address you provided!


Just following up on your post, if you were able to get it resolved or you still have an open support ticket with us.