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Detailed user role restrictions - Assign To button



I have some question related to User Role restrictions. Would it be possible to implement some more detailed user role options? Currently only general settings are available, e.g. for Test Results - you can restrict Add/Edit options, but would it be possible to restrict some particular buttons?

The reason behind my question is Assign To button on the Test Run main screen:


I believe this button might cause some issues as it is possible to accidentally assign all test cases in the run with just one click - and as this cannot be easily reverted this is causing problems on large test runs. On the other hand, the Assign To option on Add Result pop up shouldn’t be blocked as it is quite safe and affects only one case. Would it be possible to create a role which would have no access just to Assign To button?

If such functionality couldn’t be implemented, would you consider to add some additional confirmation pop up for massive assignments? If you delete tests you have to confirm this on another pop up which is very useful and significantly reduces the risk of incorrect actions.

Looking at the issues raised on this forum, the massive assignments processed by mistake can cause issues for multiple clients so could you please consider introducing above functionality? Or perhaps are there any other plans for the features associated with this area?



Hi Gurock Team,

Are you able to take a look at this?