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Detailed test plan by test case and tester


I was looking for a functionality allowing me to distribute all created test cases to individual testers and dates. The point is that there are some dependencies among test cases and as well some testers are not available at certain dates. This detailed planning would allow us to see the progress verz easily, prepare a complete plan in advance, book testers etc.
thank you


Hello Pavel,

Thanks for your posting. You can create a test plan in TestRail to start multiple test runs at once and also change the order of the test runs within the test plan. It’s also possible to assign tests to testers via the test plan. However, it’s not currently possible to fully plan the resources this way. E.g. you cannot (yet) say that Person A should process tests 1-5 next week, tests 6-10 in the following week etc. We already have such a functionality as a feature request in our database and we will consider this for a future update.

If you would like to take a look at the existing test plan functionality, you can start a test plan by selecting the Test Runs & Results tab and clicking the Add Test Plan button in the sidebar.

I hope this helps.