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Description in report does not support hierarchical list?


I did not get multiple layer of lists in the description field in report.

I do have multiple layer if I wrote the same in the test case fields.

Is it a bug?




Hello Alston,

Thanks for your posting! The report description uses the same Markdown rich-text formatting as the cases or other text fields but we will make sure to review this. Would be great if you could send the example as text to our help desk at



  1. Purpose:
    Verify the specimens under different electrical testing to ensure stability.
  2. Duration:
  3. Place:
    VIVOTEK Benjamin Franklin Laboratory
  4. Equipment:
    1. Public Computer:
      1. Operation System: Microsoft Windows 7
      2. Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0
    2. PoE Switch:
      1. Brand: D-Link
      2. Model: DGS-3120-24PC
    3. PoE Injector:
      1. Brand: Netstar
      2. Model: PoI-103GH V2
    4. DC Power Supply:
      1. Brand: TwinTek
      2. Model: TP-2305TK
    5. AC Power Supply:
      1. Brand: EXTECH
      2. Model: EXTECH-6710
    6. DC Electronic Load:
      1. Brand: Array
      2. Model: 3710A
    7. Monitor:
      1. Brand: Sony
      2. Model: LMD-2110W
  5. Environment:
    1. Temperature: 25℃±5℃
    2. Humidity: uncontrolled
    3. Sample Condition: Operating
  6. Specimens:
    1. pcs (MAC: 0002D138F36D)

Here is the example




Thanks, Alston! We will make sure to review this and get back to you via email.