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Descptive Comparison Report for test execution



I am looking at fetching a descriptive test execution report for my chosen fields. This could be in any format but excel/PDF/word format would be much better.

My need is NOT just to count of ‘pass/fail/blocked/deferred TCs Vs total planned test cases’ but have comparison of executed test cases against different fields which user can choose for the report.

I am interested in comparing the test execution results for below fields:

  1. Test Case Name
  2. Test Case ID
  3. Feature
  4. Test Case start date and start time
  5. Test Case end date and end time
  6. Actual Duration
  7. Execution Result
  8. Tester name and e-mail

Other than that, if I can have the test case or test bed configuration files embedded or attached with report, it’d be splendid.

Is it possible to fetch this kind of report using Testrail? If yes, Can I have a look at such a sample comparison report?




Hi Sumit,

Thank you for the information. While TestRail does include quite a large number of reports and each report has a fair amount of configuration, the level of reporting you are looking for is not directly possible from within TestRail.

You could possibly export your test run data to Excel/CSV which would allow you to choose specific fields. You would be able to do this per test run, but you could possibly export multiple test runs and compare those with each other. You could also use the print option within a test run and select the Details option.

Additionally, in situations like this, we normally recommend exporting your test information and developing a custom report locally. In fact we have quite a few customers that do this themselves.

Let me know if this helps.