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Dennis Gurock, Co-Founder


Hi there!

Together with Tobias I’m one of the company founders and one of the developers behind SmartInspect and TestRail (although I don’t really write much production code anymore as I’m usually working with and directly helping our amazing customers as part of my day to day work now).

I’m based in Berlin and travel regularly between Berlin and Dublin where we just recently opened our first international office and started building a new customer success team (stay tuned for the announcement on this soon). I can also be found on Twitter and the Slack chat that we recently started.


Dear dgurock

My entire career I have been working in IT companies in QA departments in such banks in Russia as , Nowadays I am the head of QA department in one of TOP-10 banks. The main scope of my work is introduction of new processes and development of the QA direction of the department.

In Russian banks and in many Russian speaking countries there is a big problem that practically no one knows English. Having introduced a test rail in our bank, I was faced the problem that no one could use your program, as it is in English and testers spend + 50 % on passing the test case. After I have spoken to colleagues on a message forum, I have found out that many of them use the MS Word instead of convenient tools for testing (such as TestRail).

I have devoted time and made a crack (Russian translation of some words), changed the .en file and have translated 50% of the program. As a result my employees have actually started working 2 times faster and successfully continue doing it now. After that my former colleagues from other banks have also asked me for this file, so I’ve sent it them too. Russian language is widely spread and in many countries and not only in post soviet states.

I would like to offer you cooperation, as I could help to expand your company’s product TestRail (and maybe not only this one in future) to Russian-speaking people by offering you a ready-made crack for TestRail and by providing it with technical support for year. I am ready both for one-off projects and for permanent ones.

Should you be interested in this cooperation or have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Ildar Aisin