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Delphi XE7?


[quote=tgurock]The new SmartInspect version (3.3.8) with XE7 support is now available and can be downloaded from our customer portal as usual:[/quote]


Are we going to have the same issue when XE8 comes out? I don’t expect it on the day XE8 is released but within a couple of weeks…


Hi Nick and all,

We definitely plan to fully support XE8 sooner than XE7 this time. Sorry again for the delay.




Not to be a nag about this but in March you implied SmartInspect support for XE8 would be appearing soon. It is now June and I have not heard anything.

When do you expect SmartInspect to be available for XE8?

I assume I could just link in the latest source and use it directly in code (as I had previously had to do in XE7) but I want t continue being able to use the Delphi plug-in. To avoid this kind of delay in the future do you think it would be possible to release the plug-in with source so we could rebuild it ourselves as needed?



Hi Rich!

Thanks for your posting. It’s planned to release XE8 support sooner than we did with XE7 last time but you can already use the source code version again. We would love to look into publishing the Delphi plug-in code but this is not that easy unfortunately as it uses quite a few internal and also some external libraries/components.