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Delphi XE2 Update?


Is there date plan for XE2 update? When can we expect an update? Maybe not exact, but an expectation would help.




Thanks for your posting. Yes, we definitely plan to support Delphi XE2 soon, including Win64 bit for the logging library. We should hopefully be able to release the update this month, and will announce the update on our blog as soon as it’s available.



My personal preference is for an immediate XE2 recompile minimalist release. I’m in no great rush for 64bit or OSX support, but I am eagerly waiting on XE2 Win32 support.


Hi Lachlan,

Thanks for the feedback. We would like to provide an update very soon. We don’t plan to support OS X with SmartInspect for now, but we want to include Win 64 bit support in the update. We should hopefully have news about the update next week.


The updated version with support for Delphi XE2 (32 + 64-bit) is now available: