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Delphi 10.1 Berlin plugin, when?


I wonder if we have to wait again many months for an updated plugin…


Hi Peer,

Thanks for your posting! We don’t have a time frame for the update yet, but we plan to review this. Please note that you should already be able to use SmartInspect with the new version via SmartInspect’s source code. I understand that the IDE plugin wouldn’t directly work, yet, and we will make sure to review this.

Thanks again!


Almost 5 months later and still no update ! And yes, your standard answer: “You can use the source code already” is repeated too often. What is the REAL problem that you aren’t able to provide your customers with an update every time a new Delphi comes out ? Do we have the same discussion over and over again with every new Delphi version ? All other companies provide me with updates within weeks after a new Delphi version… I pay for support, updates and new features which doesn’t happen beside the standard answer…


Hi Peer,

Thanks for the follow-up! We still have this on our to-do list and still plan to review this for a future update. We will make sure to provide an update as soon as we know more.

Thanks again!



It’s now one year since the last update and two Delphi versions later.
Soon the next Delphi update is coming and we still waiting for the new version(s) of SmartInspect. We pay yearly for updates which doesn’t come.
Maybe a refund will be better ?

Our patience is ending, time to move on to a company who takes his customers seriously ??
You tell me !


So much for the new resources that Idera was going to bestow upon Gurock, thereby enabling them to do new things, like updating SmartInspect. Stupidly I renewed my licence for SI because I can still use it in .NET, but I see nothing has changed.

So even with these new resources, there is no update. Obviously it’s not because they cannot do it, but rather that they -choose- not to do it. Even say it takes a whole month for one guy, working 8 hour days to update the product, Gurock considers that cost to be more than it’s worth. How can that be ? At $40/hr, that’s about $6400. It’s $69 (my currency) for a year of support, so it would take 93 people to cover that cost. Who knows, maybe there really are less than 90 people paying for support.

Since the IDE doesn’t work with the new versions, all you have is the source to use, and really that probably hasn’t changed much since the 64 bit Delphi came out. Honestly I think they need to quit selling SI, because the full product only works six months in any two year period, if you keep current on your Delphi. The other 18 months you have to use the source code to compile and none of the IDE features will work.

I said Sept of 17 for Berlin support and nothing I have read so far has given me any reason to think I’m wrong about the date.


No answers…, that says it all I believe. Berlin update2 is near, and Gurock ? In a land far far away…


We can rephrase the question: Delphi 10.1 update 2 plugin when ?
I think I already know the answer: Thanks for the follow-up! We still have this on our to-do list…:sob::rage:

Unbelievable !!!


Idera just cut Codesite loose from Embarcadero, returning it to Raize. I wonder if that means they have decided to go all in on SmartInspect, or if they are going to cut that arm off as well.


No update at all for 2016. Almost eighteen months since the last update. I think it’s safe to say that SmartInspect is abandonware.


I really regret extending my license. :angry:

I’ve just upgraded to Delphi 10.2 (Toyko) and there’s still no support for 10.1 let alone 10.2!

This is a complete waste of time and money. You won’t get any further support extensions from me. I assume the product is dead?


They’re not going to update SmartInspect with anything fancy.

They’ve been releasing about 1 update a year for the past few years, with minor changes such as support for a new Delphi version that just utterly breaks the old version. Other than that… nothing.

Just face it, SmartInspect is a dead product.

I just got my “Your SmartInspect support plan expires” email with this cute little phrase: “An active support plan entitles you to unlimited free email support, unlimited updates and every new version of SmartInspect that comes out”

Just consider that, every new version of SmartInspect that comes out. Wow. Isn’t that great? Every new version? You mean the version that is likely not going to give me anything nor likely come out before I’m supposed to extend my subscription yet again?

Yeah, no. I purchased my first license for SmartInspect 7 years ago.

SmartInspect is a great product. I love it.

The support plan? Not so much.

The last 3-4 years I’ve been paying for them to keep threading the water.

I’m not renewing.


I totally agree ! I won’t renew my subscription either. When will those guys of Idera wake up from hibernating and kick Gurock ?


Well well … the Year is nearly over …
nothing happend …
i can’t see any benefits of paying for a subscription except a waste of money…
we are still waiting for the idepluginS …
and to be honest … i cannot understand why there is no
sourcecode for the ide-plugin… so we can simply compile them by our selfs …


Well I was wrong, no update in October. Over two years now and not a single update. Even Tobias and Dennis have quit saying there’s an update planned. I think it’s safe to say SmartInspect has been abandoned by the Gurock’s and if you extend your licence now, you’re simply throwing your money away, because it’s obvious that these crooks are quite content to leech the support fees and do -absolutely nothing- about supporting this product.

Sad to see them join forces with those other crooks at AidAim, but I don’t really know another word for people who take your money and deliver nothing. I’ll be deleting my bookmark for Gurock software, and I sure will make sure to tell people to avoid them and Testrail given their attitude to paying customers.


Show respect to your customers and just release the plugin source, you obviously don’t do anything with it !