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Deletion of test case from a milestone


Hi All,
I have added a test case to a particular milestone.But I am not able to delete this test case as there is no delete option available.Please help.




You might need to check your user permissions. You might be set up as a ‘Tester’ in testrail with specified options only i.e. create test case etc.

If you are not the administrator then you will need to get your administrator to remove the test case for you.

Hope This Helps. :grinning:


Hello Ujjal,

Thanks for your posting! Do you want to remove the test case from the milestone or delete it completely? To remove the link to the milestone, you can simply edit the case and clear the Milestone field. Deleting a test case on the other hand would completely remove the case from the database and this would also delete all running/active tests and results for this test. You can delete cases on the cases/suite page via the red delete icon but this requires delete permissions (which not every user has usually).

I hope this helps!



I am the administrator and having Lead permission.But still the red delete icon beside the test case is not there.Only the Edit icon is there.


Hi Ujjal!

Thanks for the update. I assume you are using TestRail Cloud, is this correct? The current TestRail Cloud version removed the delete icon next to the edit icon but you can still delete test cases with the Delete button above the test cases (just tick the checkboxes of the test cases you want to delete and press the Delete button). If you don’t see a Delete button, there your user account doesn’t have the required permissions to delete cases but this shouldn’t be an issue with the Lead role (if you haven’t changed the defaults).