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Deleting test results/changing final status


Hi there,

I’m in the final stages of evaluating TestRail for our future test management, and I have had a great time with it so far. It was very easy to start using and customising straight away.

Two questions

  1. When I order results by filtering according to column headings in test runs, and then go to print the test run, it prints the overview unfiltered. I was a little confused by this as it was great to be able to sort the tests based on status, having them grouped, and it would be nice to print them with the filter on. Is there something I’m not doing?

  2. Because I have been entering things in a hurry there have been a couple of times where I’ve set the test results with the individual test statuses and then forgotten to set the correct overall final status, or accidentally pressed enter and the whole thing is entered without me finishing the results. When I edit the test results I can change the individual step result status, but not the overall result status. So I thought, fair enough, I’ll just delete that result and enter a new one, but it appeared as though results can’t be deleted. Is there a solution to this that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance,



Hello Bethani,

Thanks for your posting. Please see below for my answers:

  1. The print views are currently always sorted/grouped by section so if you change the grouping on the test run page this isn’t reflected on the print views. Could you let me know which filtering do you mean? Do you refer to the test case selection?

  2. In this scenario, the usual workflow would be to override the previous result by adding a new one. TestRail doesn’t allow changing the status of a test result and/or deleting test results for auditing purposes but you can simply add a new test result and “override” previous results and set the current status of a test.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Hi Tobias,

  1. To be more specific I am entering a test run that has been executed and the normal display is by section. I click the status column to reorder the cases by status. Then click the print icon up in the header for the nice print outline. As you said the print view is always grouped in section. It would be nice if the outline allowed for grouping filters like the run does. Don’t know if this is possible. It’s just much better printing through TestRail than printing through the web browser, as the TestRail print view is much better presented. (My goal was to get the failed results grouped and just print the details view for those, as I figured the print order would follow the same grouping in the details view as the outline view.) Of course this will all be not as important when we have the purchased version as our developers can then log in and view results directly. More curiousity at the print behaviour.

  2. Ah, the override is what I had been doing. I just wanted to confirm there wasn’t anything else I could do. Makes sense. Thanks!



Hello Bethani,

Thanks for the update. Ordering/grouping the dedicated print views/windows by something else than the sections is currently not supported unfortunately. That said, it is planned to improve the general printing behavior of TestRail so better printing for the entire application may be supported in the future.



[quote]Thanks Tobias,
I must say that TestRail’s support during this period has been great, I never felt like I had silly questions and the fact that you are obviously a growing tool, that is striving to add more for the consumer went a long way towards my evaluation results.[/quote]

Thanks for the kind words Bethani, it’s really appreciated!

Just let us know in case there’s anything else you need from us.



Hello, bumping old topic with a quick question.

Has anything changed with the final status? I know we can override it with a new result, but editing final status would help us with manual mistakes etc. Even if such edit is allowed for 15 minutes, we will not have to copy over test results over and over again :slight_smile:


Hello Pawel,

The behavior is still the same but it’s planned to revisit this at some point and make this more flexible for the teams that want a different behavior.

You wouldn’t usually need to copy the results when overriding results and the basic idea is just to set the new status and maybe reference the previous results in the comment field. The previous results would still be available of course and adding a comment such as “Now passed, see previous results for details” would usually be sufficient. Would this work for you as well?



Hi Tobias,

After doing as you’ve mentioned for a while, I’d like to second Pawel’s feature request and agree that it’d be much cleaner to be able to edit the final result in case of a mistake.

Mistakes happen most commonly when we’re using multiple steps, mark all the steps and then forget to go back and update the automatically set overall result at the top. Being able to correct this without another test result entry bulking up the results would be nice.


Hello Bethani,

Thanks for your feedback, happy to add another vote to this feature request :slight_smile: