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Deleting Referenced Test cases\suites



In one test suite, I have added two test cases c1, c2.
For test case 2 (c2), I have given pre-requisite as c1.
Now I have deleted the test case c1. Even after this has been deleted the reference on c2 exists and now if I click on the [c1] which appears in pre-requisite, it displays:
Field Test Case is not a valid test case. and navigates to dashboard page.
I think there should be some other way of handling these situations. I mean, if a test case\suite has been referenced any where, then while attempting to delete them, user should be provided with a message saying it has references.

Also, I have noticed that, in the prerequisites, we are able to give even invalid test case\suite id. And when trying to click on them we get the same error as mentioned above:
Field Test Suite is not a valid test suite.

It will be good if this feature can be enhanced.


Hello Vijaya,

Thanks for your posting. The [C123], [S123] etc. references are currently always transformed into links and it is not checked if the target case/suite really exists. We will look into improving this and also detect dependencies. I’ve added this as a feature request, thanks!



That sounds good , thanq.