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Deleted test case history


I am interested in finding out how some of our test cases were deleted. Right now I don’t know how many were deleted, but I know that some were. Is there a way for me to see this history?
I can view reports that show updated test cases but not deleted.
Thank you,


Hi Denise - it’s my understanding that deleted test cases are permanently deleted. Apparently only option to retrieve them is a restore of the database, which is sure to be a messy process.

What I’ve done is create a “Trash” folder, and tell my team to not delete any test cases - just move them to the “Trash” folder. That allows us to make sure they are safe to be fully deleted at some future time. This would allow you to keep track of “deleted” test cases.



Hi Fran
Thank you! The issue here is that all team members say they did not delete any tests. We do have automation connected to Testrail and I was trying to get to the bottom of what actually happened.
I did receive a support reply and you are correct. All we can do at this point is restore and I don’t want to do that at this.
Would be really wonderful if we could see the history of deletions. Someday maybe.
Thank you for your reply!


Does everyone on the team need to have the ability to delete cases? IF not - then look at the roles for the users and remove their ability to delete cases… :slight_smile:


Thanks! I was just looking into that!


Hi Denise,

Thanks for the post! Currently there are no logs available in TestRail that would track things like test case deletion, however, this is a highly requested feature that is a high priority for our development team, and we are exploring adding it into an upcoming TestRail product update. I can’t provide any specific timeframe for when it may be available, but for now I’ve added your vote to the feature request which helps us prioritize new feature additions internally.


Hi Jacob - please add my vote for this feature as well :slight_smile:


Hi Fran,

Your vote has been added.

Thanks for your input!